The GS-TP Twin Screw Prebreaker is used very successfully in the size reduction of rubber lump into small pieces, over intermediate and final stages.

The advantages of the Twin Screw Prebreaker :

  1. Very low power consumption.
  2. Easy to operate. No special skill requirement.
  3. Easy to maintain

This machine has limited dirt removal efficiency, so unless the raw material shows low level of contamination, the Twin Screw Prebreaker is not suitable to use in Stage 1 and it will be best installed as a second stage size reduction equipment, after a slab cutter as first stage machine. The machine has two scrolls with cutting edge. The scrolls work as claw to pull rubber lump and forced it through the die plate. The material comes out as smaller rubber lumps which can be subsequently fed in creper or even in shredder. A cutting knife is attached on both shafts immediately outside of the die plate. These cutting knives help pulling the rubber away from the die plate.